Full Service Roof Cleaning

Want to Lose 1/3 of Your Roof Life? Don’t Clean it!

Your roof is under constant assault. Besides the weather, heat and cold, there are living organisms which literally eat your roof shingles. Moss gets underneath your roof shingles and swells, lifting them up making it easy for rain and wind to damage or even remove them. Organisms which retain water against your roof, cause it to soften and rot. Organisms that eat the shingles and darken your roof, lead to ugly blackening, streaks, overheating, premature drying, cracking and splitting. It is because those organisms are so damaging that roof manufacturers and insurance companies state that you must clean and maintain your roof.

Full Service Roof Cleaning: An Important Part of Home Maintainance

Full Service Roof Cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. Over the years, moss, algae, dirt, and mold builds up on the roof and needs to be removed. The damage and expense caused by a failed roof means you want to do everything possible to keep your roof in tip top operating condition. Full Service Roof Cleaning is like exfoliation for your roof only without removing the granules. It removes the cyanobacterial colonies which cause the black roof stains and almost immediately restores the roof to its original color. Properly cleaning and maintaining your roof assures the maximum amount of life. 

A Full Inspection. 

 Every full service roof cleaning includes an inspection of the roof systems…flashing, seals, pipe boots, ridge caps, shingles. The goal is to spot and correct problems early before they become expensive. Soft spots, failures in the flashing, cracked vent boots, missing shingles, missing vent tops, missing ridge caps and holes in the roof…we’ve seen them all and they all add up to roof leaks and expensive repairs. 

Stop The Mold! 

Roof failures due to lack of cleaning and maintenance are a significant contribution to attic and structural mold.  It is because of all the attic mold, damage and premature failures caused by lack of roof maintainance and constant customer demand that our MoldBuster company owner and founder started Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning. We’ve seen it from the underside when roofs are neglected and it ain’t pretty!  


                  NO PRESSURE WASHING! 

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, pressure washing is a bad idea. It is prohibited by every asphalt roof manufacturer, roofing trade association, technical standards board, and insurance company. Pressure washers are great tools when used appropriately on the right surfaces, but powering off growth on asphalt shingles isn’t one of those surfaces. 


Hey, What ARE Those Black Streaks?

You’ve seen them. Those black streaks coming down your or your neighbor’s roof. They are Bacterial Colonies made from a little critter called Gloeocapsa Magma. And yes, they are damaging your roof. Here is our company owner Kevin up on a roof explaining...


If your roof is over one story or is extremely steep and you do NOT have safety anchors installed, we will need to to install them in order for us to do a full service roof cleaning. It is simply too dangerous to be on a multiple story or steep roof without being properly harnessed and it is the law. If a “roof cleaner” says they don’t need them, walk away, they are NOT roof cleaning professionals. The anchors are small, attach into your roof trusses underneath your ridge cap, and are totally roof safe. Since they install underneath the ridge cap, they do not require drilling or nailing any holes in your shingles. Anchors run $99 each installed. 

For More Information, please see our Page on Roof Safety. The information there may help save a life. 


The TRUTH About Moss “Preventatives”

"Do You Apply a "Moss Preventative”? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. The honest truth is that there is NO cost effective preventative that lasts longer than a year. Roofs are subject to weathering and any “preventative” simply weathers off. Even the  “Algae Resistant” shingles the shingle manufacturers now sell is only warranteed for 7 years or so…and that is embedded right into the structure of the shingle! 

Zinc strips are the most often sold product for moss prevention, but the truth is, the strips sold at the stores are too thin to last more than a season, need to be put on every 3-4 feet down the roof to be effective, and are typically nailed into the roof or shoved under the shingle, breaking the seal bond and leading to premature shingle loss during wind storms. We’ve seen enough failed zinc strips to know it just doesn’t work.


Our Moss Control Service is recommended for our full service roof cleaning clients. It guarantees full coverage and will kill the organisms which are just geting started. We recommend this be done every two years.  

This is a House on Camano Island. What is at the top? BIG old Zinc Strip! 

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We carry a $1,000,000 Liability Policy.  

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